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Company Culture

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Company Culture
Company development vision: develop into an influential and respected company in the field of medical devices
Company business philosophy: Committed to the development of rehabilitation, leading a new concept of healthy life.
Service tenet of the company: Be honest and be grateful
Company quality policy: leading quality, safe and effective, serving customers
The company's talent concept: ethics , people-oriented, honesty, unity and mutual assistance, willing to contribute, and positive.

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Hubei Shengfeng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd


Enterprise mailbox:sfy0713@163.com

Company phone:17521726734   0713-8669577(host)

0713-8839001(fax)Sales part number:8002/8003

Address: 3301-3302, building G9, liantou international city, No. 18, Xingang North Road, Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Hubei Province


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