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Franchise Advantages

Franchise Advantages

Hubei Shengfeng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of RMB 6 million and is a limited liability company solely owned by natural persons. The company is a vibrant, energetic professional medical industry company with a complete online and offline organizational structure and strict management system; it has a group of high-quality management talents and a professional sales team, and all the company upholds The working principle of doing things with integrity and being grateful is to better serve our customers. The company is mainly engaged in Class I medical equipment, Class II medical equipment, Class III medical equipment (6815 injection puncture equipment, 6822 medical optical instruments, instruments and endoscopic equipment, 6823 medical ultrasound equipment and related equipment, 6840 clinical inspection and analysis instruments (including In vitro diagnostic reagents), 6845 extracorporeal circulation and blood processing equipment, 6846 implant materials and artificial organs, 6854 operating room, emergency room, diagnosis and treatment room equipment and appliances, 6864 medical sanitary materials and dressings, 6865 medical suture materials and adhesives, 6866 Medical polymer materials and products) wholesale; chemical products (does not contain toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals), disinfection products, hardware products, laboratory instruments, glass instruments, chemical reagents and additives, air conditioning equipment, disinfection Wholesale and retail of equipment, disinfection equipment, plastic products; medical information consulting; medical technology development and related business consulting, etc.
The company focuses on establishing a healthy and green VIP medical channel for patients. Here, you can easily contact well-known experts and professors in hospitals in the province. At the same time, we also wholeheartedly provide patients with quality services such as agency testing and purchasing quality-guaranteed medical equipment. The company is the general agent seller of BTA quantitative determination kit (microplate chemiluminescence method) and prostatic small extracorporeal protein (PSEP) detection kit (enzyme-linked immunoassay) in Hubei Province,

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Hubei Shengfeng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd



Company phone:17521726734   0713-8669577(host)

0713-8839001(fax)Sales part number:8002/8003

Address: 3301-3302, building G9, liantou international city, No. 18, Xingang North Road, Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Hubei Province


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